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We are an independnant day and boarding preparatory school in beautiful Somerset, for boys and girls aged 2-13yrs.

Our DT dept is well resourced and forward thinking. 

Against a backdrop of economic uncertainty and falling pupil rolls in the South-West, Hazlegrove has continued to thrive. Pupil numbers have remained bouyant, pupil achievement is outstanding – 27 scholarships and 6 awards in 2017 as well as individual and team national champions on the sports field and national recognition for its musicians. A number of key and re-occurring themes lie at the heart of this success. 

It’s OK to be yourself

“We can only really develop, really learn, and really reach our potential when we feel good about ourselves. It simply doesn’t work if you are having to look over your shoulder all the time.” This sentiment lies at the heart of the school’s pastoral care policy. We think of ourselves as a family school and regard the happiness of every boy and girl as of vital importance to their personal progress. Our children feel safe at Hazlegrove.

Embracing independence

Unshackled by the constraints of the National Curriculum, we have been able to develop a curriculum which embraces breadth and allows pupils to develop into well-rounded, robust young people who are both able and ready to engage with our challenging and demanding world.

We reject the invalid and stifling notion of political correctness, preferring instead to encourage children to develop a sense of personal rightness born out of conviction and experience which will give them a moral reference point in their future lives.

Education for Life

This is the generation which will help to define the middle of the 21st Century. What challenges will they face? How can we equip them, not just to survive, but to thrive in this undoubtedly turbulent and fast changing future? The academic curriculum instils a love of learning, of enquiry and of intellectual rigour; the varied games programme promotes physical fitness and engenders a real sense of teamwork; music, drama and year-group productions ensure that the stage holds no fears for anyone and the outdoor education programme promotes self-reliance and resourcefulness.


We have a belief in childhood and are passionate about allowing the young people in its care to develop without being burdened by the oppression of early 21st Century Britain. There are no mobile phones. Internet access is restricted and monitored. The TV is rarely switched on and reading matter is managed carefully. We don’t ignore the real world, but make sure that the children can enjoy the innocence of childhood whilst still being well-prepared for the next stage in their education at 13.

Christian Values and Discipline

Christian values underpin all aspects of school life and we recognise the importance of co-operation between home and school. We believe that school should be an extension and reflection of a caring home, and a preparation for later life in which all must live and work together. Our attitude to discipline also follows from this need for blend and balance. Firm rules exist, but emphasis is also placed on developing personal responsibility and self-discipline as necessary requirements within a community which values honesty, integrity and initiative.

The Test of Time

Our history reaches back in time to 1519. As part of the King’s School Bruton Foundation, Hazlegrove is part of an educational lineage which spans nearly five centuries. We are proud of our history and still embrace our Christian, Church of England roots. Indeed, this spiritual and cultural heritage lies at the heart of so much that goes on each day. About half of the pupils leaving Hazlegrove continue their education at King's which is also co-educational and situated within the attractive town of Bruton, nine miles to the North East of Hazlegrove.


Our educational philosophy is borne out of the corporate mind-set of the leadership team, the staff and the parents as well as the senior pupils. This common purpose gives the school strength, energy and momentum to respond to contemporary educational initiatives whilst being mindful of retaining all that is best from the past. It embraces all the key themes which define the school, it engages, inspires and defines. It ensures today’s success and safeguards our future.

Hazlegrove has a clear vision and an exciting future.

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